Take this opportunity to learn about the fastest growing PBX System in the World.

Enroll into the most complete VitalPBX training ever. Get to know every option and become a VitalPBX Expert.

This Online Event will include access to the VitalPBX Online Certification Class which goes over every feature that VitalPBX has to offer. During this event experiment with Live labs, presentations from the VitalPBX team, and through explanations from subjects seen throughout the Online Certification Class.

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Date: September 14th through the 18th, 2020
Time: 11:00 - 14:00 US EST (GMT -04:00)
Language: English
Investment: US$ 350.00

What is the VitalPBX Online Certification Class?

The VitalPBX Online Certification Class is your complete source to learn everything from VitalPBX. The Class goes over all of VitalPBX’s features and options, going through every field, giving examples, and sourcing every bit of information you might need.

What is covered on the Live Events?

During the live events we will be covering various subjects from the Online Class. There, we will be having a thorough explanation for key subjects, as well as having various activities so you can get hands on with VitalPBX and learn by doing.

Event Days

On the first day of the event, we will be covering how the course will work, an introduction to the platform, and how to use it. We will be going over the first subjects:

  • Initial Configurations
  • Extensions
  • Connectivity
  • Emergency Numbers

For the second day, we will be wondering into the world of Classes of Service and how powerful they can be for controlling the outgoing call flow from your PBX. Adding Security and saving money in the process. We will also dwell into the Setup of a fully-featured Call Center with VitalPBX’s Core features and with the help of various add-ons.

The third day we will be going over the CDR Reports and PBX Reports that VitalPBX has to offer, as well as various general PBX configurations. We are also going to cover VitalPBX’s External Add-ons, such as Sonata Suite, VitalPBX Communicator, and VitXi.

For the fourth day, we are going to get into Multi-Tenancy and what it is, explaining more about High Availability with VitalPBX, Various Security measures that you can have with VitalPBX. As well a explaining various the rest of the VitalPBX add-ons such as Custom Contexts, Branding, and Virtual Faxes.

Finally on the fifth day, we will be covering VitalPBX’s integration tools and how to use the documentation. We also cover some very useful tools to troubleshoot your PBX whenever you are problem-solving. Then, we will be going over how you can report bugs or issues to us, so we can apply any fixes or patches. And Finally, we explain the Certification Exam and how it works.

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Event FAQ

Are there any Discounts Available?

Yes, we are offering discounts for Groups, Certified Partners, People who have taken previous courses, and Annual Licensing Plan Holders. Please contact sales@vitalpbx.org for further details.

Do I need to know anything beforehand?

No, no prior knowledge is required. Though it is helpful if you have some experience with telephony, Linux, and Asterisk.

How long is the course going to take?

The course will be from September 14th through the 18th. Each day will last for around 2 hours during the live meetings.

If I miss a day, do I fail the course?

Not at all. All of the sessions will be recorded and you will be able to review them for as long as you like. You also have access to the VitalPBX Online Certification Class for the next year, so you can review all of the material no problem.

What tools do I need to have for the course?

There will be various activities throughout the course. So, you will need to have at least three phone devices to perform the labs. The labs will be taking place on cloud machines given access to you during the event.

Do I have to purchase the VitalPBX Certification Class item as well?

No, when you purchase your entry for the VitalPBX Online Training Event, you will gain access to the Class item a couple of days prior to the course week.

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